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This is a blog that is focused on chickas that skate!

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If anyone feels like contributing to the blog then please message me (:


Not all these photographs are ours but are all credited to whoever they belong to (: Just click the source to take you there! However some pics are taken by us! You can find these in the links below!

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Q: Can curvy girls skate? I want to buy a longboard but I'm 5'6 and 155lbs and I don't want to look retarded being fat and skate boarding ...

Of course they can! Anyone can skate! Don’t be afraid to do what you want! (: 

asked by Anonymous
Q: Omg brooooo! I loooove your blog!

omg man thanks ;]

asked by takeadvantageofthesilence

kabul, afghanistan. may 2, 2013. photo massoud hossaini
Learning halfpipe again. I’m a bit wobbly still at the moment! And like Autumn is pretty much here so won’t be getting much practise in ): Anyone got any photos they want to contribute? (:
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Q: I like the stuff you post! But please can you keep the number of AMA posts lower? Compared with the number of other posts, it's seems like too much...

So you want me to respond to people’s questions less? When I see them I respond, otherwise it’s a bit rude :/ Plus I enjoy answering them (:

asked by Anonymous
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