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Not all these photographs are ours but are all credited to whoever they belong to (: Just click the source to take you there! However some pics are taken by us! You can find these in the links below!

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Ride with a smile.Photo credit: MandyKate
Q: I don't really have a question but I do wanna say that I love your blog! :3 <3

Thank you!! x

asked by building-olaf
Q: Dude I love your blog by the way(: I was wondering what kind of board do you use? And what make?

Duuuude cheers (: I own a Loaded Fattail, a Holesom street sweeper, a bright pink original penny and an old cloud9 sector9 deck which I painted and haven’t used since getting my loaded ha. My street sweeper is my favourite! #holesom #streetsweeper #loaded #fattail #sector9

asked by selfless-mindful-indulgence
Q: i got a bit of a problem.. i used to skate alot and take my skateboard (or longboard) every where. i was really smooth riding even tho i never really did any tricks.. i didnt skate in a while and now i suck balls cause im so scared of crashing into someone, how do i get that to stop and go back to being a smooth skater?

Well the only thing you can really do is just practise (: skate everyday til it all feels natural again x b

asked by Anonymous
Q: I really wanna start longboarding. But im not really sure what kind of board to get since im not the skinniest chick to be on a board. Any ideas on what board to get?

It literally doesn’t matter what size a person is to skate (: get anything that takes your fancy! Loaded, holesom, and sector9 are a few of my faves (:

asked by lost-gypsy
Q: How would I submit a photo? Haha sorry, I like hardly use Tumblr. Also, I like the blog except that there's not much street skating, it's a looooot of girls on longboards :/

Just click submit or link me to what you want to show on here (:
Sorry it’s because I’m a longboarder myself, so it’s a bit bias! Sorry I will try get more street skating on here!! x b

asked by skateboartsandstuff
Q: How do I submit my pics? All my skating pics are on instagram

There’s a submit button somewhere on this page (:

asked by caitlinsdaydream
Paines Skate Park. Philadelphia, PA
Q: loving your blog n.n i snapped my deck a few days ago so this is now what i do all day /:

Oh no! That’s no good! You got a new one yet? (: x b

asked by dreaabeat
Q: Can curvy girls skate? I want to buy a longboard but I'm 5'6 and 155lbs and I don't want to look retarded being fat and skate boarding ...

Of course they can! Anyone can skate! Don’t be afraid to do what you want! (:¬†

asked by Anonymous